Wake Not the Hangman

“…palpable atmosphere and…seat-gripping suspense scenes. Energetic and spirited storytelling make this…an entertaining read.” Kirkus Reviews

“…thrilling…. Engaging from the start, Leigh pushes the story forward with exciting force, particularly with her crisp, clean sentences that shine with vivid detail. With great perception, Leigh masterfully develops her characters…with honest reflective writing…. Heartbreaking, nerve-wracking, and triumphant at times, Wake Not the Hangman is a deeply satisfying novel.” San Francisco Book Review

“…a fast-paced read with a lot of action…” Apex Reviews

A “Notable 100” Novel for 2015 Shelf Unbound Magazine

Available on Amazon Kindle here. | Available on Amazon in print here. | Available in bookstores using ISBN ~ 978-0-692-44768-0.

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