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Deborah Leigh is a former magazine editor (managing editor, CRM Magazine; research editor and copy editor, Islands Magazine; copywriter, Resorts & Great Hotels Magazine; Worldwide Guide Project Manager, Spa Magazine) who took a sharp turn into the world of law, which she has inhabited for over a decade. She borrows from both of her pasts and her love of Westerns and classic films to tell tales of justice from bygone times. Born on Los Angeles’s storied Sunset Boulevard, she enjoys including worries thought to be intrinsic to modern urban life in her rustic stories. She has called many cities all over the United States and Europe home and was married in France, where she gave birth in a suburb of a suburb of a suburb of Paris. She’s had the good fortune to “walk to work” in Wiesbaden, Germany, “run errands in Belgium” when she lived near its border, “catch movies” in Luxembourg while living in nearby Metz, France, and study on a tip of Germany so far south, she once cut her morning classes to go to Switzerland and was back before lunch. She’s lived within bicycle distance of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida and crisscrossed the United States several times by train and car. Ultimately a hometown girl, she and her only son live in downtown Los Angeles, where she can see Sunset Boulevard from her living room window.

Check out Deborah Leigh’s daily e-newspaper here. [Published in March and April.]

Read screenwriter Melanie Rockett’s interview of Deborah Leigh here.

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Books by Deborah Leigh

“…palpable atmosphere and…seat-gripping suspense scenes. Energetic and spirited storytelling make this…an entertaining read.” Kirkus Reviews

“…thrilling…. Engaging from the start, Leigh pushes the story forward with exciting force, particularly with her crisp, clean sentences that shine with vivid detail. With great perception, Leigh masterfully develops her characters…with honest reflective writing…. Heartbreaking, nerve-wracking, and triumphant at times, Wake Not the Hangman is a deeply satisfying novel.” San Francisco Book Review

“…a fast-paced read with a lot of action…” Apex Reviews

A “Notable 100” Novel for 2015 Shelf Unbound Magazine

“Leigh’s Wake Not the Hangman is a piece of historical fiction that draws from a number of unfortunate realities that were quite prevalent in the 19th Century—specifically virulent racism and sexism as they existed within a family structure and in the community.” – University course syllabus

Available on Amazon Kindle here. | Available on Amazon in print here. | Available in bookstores using ISBN ~ 978-0-692-44768-0.

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