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24in48 ~ 2017 Is Here! (Scroll for updates as to hours read.)

My favorite read-a-thon is back! If you’ve never participated in 24in48, go here for the details. I’m strictly a participant, so I’ll defer to the good folks who are running the show to tell you more about it at the … Continue reading

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Table for One ~ why orienting your reader at the front of your book will lead to more pages read, not fewer

By now we’ve all heard: Amazon has cracked down on authors and publishers who design their Kindle books with the table of contents (TOC) at the back instead of the traditional front. This has sent authors and publishers whose books … Continue reading

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Wake Not the Hangman

“…palpable atmosphere and…seat-gripping suspense scenes. Energetic and spirited storytelling make this…an entertaining read.” – Kirkus Reviews “…thrilling…. Engaging from the start, Leigh pushes the story forward with exciting force, particularly with her crisp, clean sentences that shine with vivid detail. … Continue reading

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World-Building in Your Historical Novel

Think world-building is only about sci-fi locales three universes over, where the days are 61 hours long, only the rich may drink the red water, and babies not born in sets of identical triplets are killed at the age of … Continue reading

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